How Do I Apply to Arise?

Arise offers a very unique business opportunity for individuals seeking the ability to work from home. Liberating Career Solutions has partnered with Arise to bring this connection to others looking for a career they can build around their life. Since LCS has partnered with Arise all individuals seeking to become an independent contractor for LCS must also complete the admissions process for Arise. Once completing your application for LCS, please fully read Arise’s admissions steps below for complete understanding.

If you have yet to complete an application with Liberating Career Solutions please do so at this time by selecting the link below.

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Step One: Show Interest and Apply- this step should take approximately 10 minutes.

Step Two:  Complete the Ideal Match Assessment-  the completion of this assessment provides Arise valuable information needed to ensure they are recruiting the best talent out there.  This also helps in determine which clients you may be a best fit for.  During this step you may be asked to complete an online skills test as well.

Step Three: Voice Assessment- this process should take only 3-5 minutes

Step Four:  Background check- must clear a national and state background check.  Turnaround time is approximately 24 hrs.

Step Five:  Complete CSP 101- This is Arise’s Basic Certification Class to get you familiar with their company and site.  Can be completed in 2-4 hours and is generally a self-paced course.

Step Six:  Incorporation-  Either submit your company information and EIN, or Join an exisiting corporation already affiliated with Arise. Completion time approximately 30 minutes.

Step Seven:  Pending Status- pick the client you choose to work with and submit interest.

Step Eight:  Certify-  Pass the Client’s Certification Course

Step Nine:  Sign the Statement of Work (SOW)



Investing in your future

As an independent contractor there are a few minor investments you will need to make to get started. The estimated cost as well as whom they are owed to are as follows. Please keep in mind some of these fees are eligible for LCS’s reimbursement program not to mention tax deductible!

What’s needed Estimated Cost Who do you pay to?
Background Check 12.95 or 25.95 if you live in CA, CO, MA, VT or SD Arise
CSP 101 Typically $99 but is often on sale! Arise
High Speed Internet (DSL or Cable only) $50 or less/month, you may already have this service. Vendor of your choice
Telephone Line (must be analog w/ no options) As low as $18/month, you may already have this service. Vendor of your choice (Do Not use Comcast)
Telephone Voip Headesets Approx. $20/each Local electronic store
Application Certification Courses $30-$270 depends on the client. Many clients offer a deferment plan as well. Arise